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"A Different Contracting Experience... ask me why."


Construction Consultant


Project Consulting is a natural progression of Merk's philosophy and mission statement. Our Consulting Team can provide you with a one-stop, turnkey solution for all your project needs. Our years in the field provided us with real world construction management knowledge. As a veteran-owned company, Merk has the integrity, discipline, character, and strong work ethic to bring your project to completion. We strive to be the best for our customers. Our triple check procedure ensures that you get complete accuracy in your cost projections and the scope of work for your project. Merk Construction provides an open channel of constant communication with our customers.  We all want the facts in our proposals.  Nobody wants to be hit in the end of their project with costly overruns and change orders. Merk Construction's due diligence truly provides a high level of comfort with our cost projections.




We are experts at building fiscal year budgets for all of our existing customers. Upon request, we also have the ability to map out and maintain FY budgets. Our commitment to due diligence is the backbone of our proposal and consulting. We take the concerns of our customers very seriously and strive to give the most accurate cost projections in a timely manner. This gives our customers a budgetary cost snapshot of the project. Armed with that information, our customers can decide if they want to proceed or go in another direction that fits their best interests. This is a useful tool if you have to quote multiple projects in a short window of time.




The next level of our project consulting service is full service. At this level, Merk Construction travels to your job site (if applicable) and meets with the owners and/or decision makers to caption our customer's vision, need, purpose of project, budget and scope of work. Equipped with this information, Merk will deliver a comprehensive package to include a completed scope of work, projected job schedule, and a line item cost projection spreadsheet. The customer will then have a very realistic cost projection to make the final decisions in the best interests of their project. We will show you the good, the bad, and the profit - in black and white! Let us show you how Merk can save 10% to 20% on your overall project costs.



"A Different Contracting Experience... ask me why."


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