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Frequently asked questions:


What is Merk's final billing procedure?


Merk has a fool proof close out plan to eliminate punch list disasters that may have been by the client or       contractor. We have a complete and comprehensive close out plan.


Halfway through the client's project we make sure supplies, materials, equipment and manpower are secured for the next half of the project. We evaluate the potential obstacles to our objective of scope. We evaluate quality control to insure consistency with Merk's standards. We make sure any necessary adjustments to insure the projects success.


At 75% of the projects completion we make sure the final deliveries are on schedule. We start our internal punch list procedure with our construction team and project manager. Site visits by Mike Riehl or Craig Derk to review the project manager and crew's scope and schedule. We evaluate quality control and any potential charges by the client.


Our project manager does pre-introspection with our on site construction team prior to meeting with the client. Once this is completed, we meet with the client to discuss both their punch list and our punch lists to insure absolute identification of items that may have been missed and need to be completed. After the punch list has been achieved then and only then are we ready fo final inspection. Traditionally, Mike himself walks through the project with the client for the final inspection.



How fast can Merk Construction mobilize and be on site?


We can mobilize with men and equipment usually within 24 hours.



What kind of emergency services do you offer?


Merk Construction has a wide range of emergency capabilities from plant emergency plant shutdowns to natural disaster mitigation and remediation.



Why should I choose Merk construction instead of a local contractor?


Merk Construction prides itself on its quality of work, work ethic, Open Book Policy, and one of the industries lowest mobilization rates and Merk's innovative approach to billing.



Would Merk Construction be able to turn-key my project?


Yes, with Merk you get years of expertise in a wide variety of skills. We are able to bring your project from a napkin drawing your facility solution.



What is your Open Book Policy?


Simply put, if it our innovative and transparent system from proposals to final billing. Detailed billing to the next level.



Does Merk have engineering and PE Stamp capabilities in house?


Absolutely, our network of carefully vetted associates allows us to service our clients with structural, site/storm water, commercial residential PE stamped drawing in many states.



Does Merk Construction do scheduled routine maintenance?


Yes, many of our customers rely on Merk for their preventative program.



What if I need a hard to find or custom part made?


Merk Construction has a full fabrication at it's disposal and has the added ability of in-the-field fabwork.



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