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Open Book Policy


Merk Construction's "Open Book Policy" continues to win over customers. Our open book policy allows customers to see every aspect of the project from detailed proposals to final billing with clarity and precision. No more guessing about the scope or the bill.


When Merk Construction provides a proposal to our existing and potential customers it leaves nothing to the imagination. We show material costs, subcontractor costs equipment cost and even our percentage of mark-up on the project. We call this "Triple X Rated" for the simple fact that it is naked numbers for our customers review. Merk Construction provides a written scope of work to be performed, a corresponding schedule of events and a "triple x rated" spreadsheet. This process enables the customer and Merk Construction to come to a clear vision of he project at hand. Our team at Merk is committed to the excellence of the project - no matter what size. We hold our customers hand through out the entire process and life of the project. We honor our warranties and work with our customers beyond the sale. With honor, integrity and quality craftsmanship, Merk Construction is ready to propel your next project to completion.



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